We are committed to promoting good behaviour, which underpins a climate of safety.  We believe that good behaviour needs to be carefully developed throughout the academy from Reception.

At Birstall we believe that young people learn best when they are clear about what is expected of them and are clear about what they are supposed to do. Having a consistent system throughout school means that children are fully aware of what is expected.

We believe in rewarding good behaviour – most children are consistently well behaved and this is celebrated.

Pupils can be nominated for a Principal’s award for displaying excellent behaviour, doing something kind for another pupil, producing excellent work etc. They need to come to the Principal’s office to receive a sticker and a prize.

Celebration assembly provides teachers with an opportunity to celebrate individuals’ success. During assembly pupils receive a sticker and a prize. Superb effort and outcomes result in a postcard being posted to parents.


Each class uses the good to be green system of verbal reminders alongside amber and red cards. If unacceptable behaviour is persistent children move to an amber card and then red if behaviour did not improve.

If a child remains green all day they will receive a stamp for their behaviour card. On gaining a full half term of green, pupils will be rewarded with an end of half term treat.


Each class will use the Good To Be Green system of verbal reminders and then card changed to amber if behaviour is repeated. Card would then be changed to red if behaviour did not improve. If a child gains a red card they must sit on the thinking chair for 2 minute KS1 or 5 minutes KS2.

If a child finds it hard to turn their behaviour around there is a behaviour ladder which is followed.

Note: If a behaviour is severe they will be sent to the Principal where the Principal may wish to contact their parents.

If a meeting with parents has to be held on more than two occasions, the pupil will be placed on a behaviour plan until behaviour improves.

Internal Exclusions are used where children on behaviour plans are persistently displaying inappropriate behaviour.

In extreme cases fixed term exclusions may be given.

Fixed term exclusion would only be considered in the most extreme circumstances, for violence and repeated disruption of their own and the education of others.  In all cases this would be discussed with the Class Teacher and parents.

Please see the FT policy on Exclusions here:


We have a zero tolerance attitude towards violence – any child being violent towards another child will miss their lunchtimes outside for a whole week. This is a non negotiable and we do not tolerate hitting back – children are taught not to retaliate but to inform a member of staff.

A copy of the academy’s Positive Behaviour and pupil discipline policy can be found here:

Positive Behaviour and pupil discipline policy

DSEN and Behaviour

Some children attending the school may have behavioural issues or have a statement of special needs for behavioural issues.

Whilst the school will support these children this does not mean that violence or abuse towards staff or pupils will be treated differently from other children.