Admission to the Academy

We believe children learn best when they are nurtured and can be given lots of support from their teacher. We keep our class sizes small to help every child feel valued and listened to.


The school follows the procedures established through the Kirklees LA admissions policy.  A copy of which is printed in the School Prospectus or available from the Academy Office.  Children are admitted in each year group up to a maximum of 30.

Parents are asked to ring to make an appointment to see the Principal in order to discuss their child’s admission to the school, and to look round (with or without their child) prior to the child being admitted.  No children are admitted until personal contact has been made.

Parents of children already in schools in the area are asked to discuss a possible move with the Principal / Headteacher of the school which their child is already attending.

Places are offered to children in the following order of priority:

  1. Children in Care
  2. Children who live in the school’s Priority Admission Area (PAA) who have an older brother or sister attending from the same address at the date of admission.
  3. Children who live outside the school’s PAA who have an older sister or brother attending from the same address at the date of admission
  4. Children who live in the school’s PAA.
  5. Children who live outside the school priority catchment area

Community and controlled schools will admit children with Statement of Special Educational Needs where the school is named in the Statement. The governors are mindful of the difficulties of the school site for access for those with a mobility impairment.  Currently there is access to the main building and most classrooms.  The school has two disabled toilets.  The hall has recently undergone extensive improvements to house pupils who are mobility impaired.


New Entrants

Children start school in the September before their fifth birthday:

Any parent wishing to register their child is welcome to visit the academy — just ring and ask to speak to the Principal, Mrs Hannam.

Please see a copy of our admissions policy


Happy Children