School Meals


Lunch time is a very important part of the school day. It helps children socialise and learn to behave in a dining area. Having a midday meal helps children recharge, ready for the afternoon.

Taylor Shaw Caterer’s say:
Encouraging healthy eating amongst children is a high priority for us and we must take this responsibility very seriously. All of our menus have been nutritionally analysed to ensure that they adhere to, and often exceed all of the necessary standards. Serving fresh food using sustainably sourced ingredients can help support health and wellbeing of children, as well as helping to increase concentration levels and classroom attainment.

A copy of our menu is available by clicking on the link below:

Taylor Shaw Menu examples

Modified diets can be provided if supported by a GP’s letter.

Who is entitled to Universal Free School Meals?
School meals became free for all pupils in Reception and Key Stage 1 from September 2014. This means that every child has a paid school meal whilst in these classes regardless of whether families are currently in receipt of free school meals.

Please see our School Meals Policy for more details: