Early Years


The Early Years Foundation Stage looks at your child’s development in 3 Prime areas: Personal , social, emotional development; Communication & language; and, Physical development and 4 Specific areas: Literacy, Mathematics, Understanding the world and, Expressive arts and design. These cover all aspects of your child’s development and your child is assessed through observations, focused activities, talking to your child and by assessing the work that they produce.

We collate all your child’s information on Tapestry which is an online learning journal that you can look at any time throughout the year. We encourage parents to share what their child does at home by completing sections of the learning journey online.

tapestry online

The internal and external moderation of EYFS assessment is highly valued and welcomed by the Trust.

Internal moderation

At three fixed points during the year, all Focus Academy Trust lead teachers meet with the EYFS consultant from Focus Education. These meetings are opportunities to discuss current early years educational research, to share best practice and to conduct EYFS moderation exercises.

For more details please read the statement below.

Focus-Trust EYFS moderation position statement v2

The Early Years Action Plan 17-18 can be found here:

EYFS Development plan 2017_2018

The topic this half term is: What is your favourite story? We will be reading a variety of traditional tales and retelling them using story maps. We will be exploring different challenges linked to our stories involving designing, constructing and making solutions to different problems as well as our whole-class visit to the Rainbow Factory to promote storytelling.

Click on the link below to access the vocabulary that is being taught in EYFS this half term.

EYFS Vocabulary Pyramid Summer 2 2019